Spacious Lawns

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Ahmednagar Gymkhana lawns evoke and restore traditional values in people's lives while creating a magnificent backdrop against which you can host your very personalized celebration.

Ahmednagar Gymkhana Lawns is nurtured to sublime your celebrations. It Definitely Promises a Sense of Rejoicing the Auspicious Occasions, Family Functions and Important Events-be them Marriage, Ring Ceremony, Party, Conference, Family and Business Meets, Musical Concerts etc.

Ahmednagar Gymkhana Lawns are a Lush green Lawns which can be used by both the venues individually and apart from the lawns, can cater upto 500 persons capacity.

The lawns at Ahmednagar gymkhana is situated on a calm and quiet main road which is an extremely wide road perfect to handle party traffic.

Facilities for Members:

Catering, Theme Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Conferences, AGM, etc.

Celebrate the Most Memorable Days of your Life at the Most Elegant and Magnificent Place to Offer Dignity to your Celebrations.

For any queries, drop a mail at: ahmednagargymkhana@gmail.com